At The Made in Nova Scotia Store, we try to minimize your shipping costs. Many of our smaller items can be packed in multiples using bubble mailer envelopes. This shipping method reduces cost, but does not provide tracking information. The below table give you an idea of what can be shipped in one bubble mailer. When ordering more than what can fit in one bubble mailer, we’ll simply use an additional one an extra cost.

Number of Items per Envelope Shipping with Canada Shipping with the US
Up to 4 Keychains $5.00/envelope $10.00/envelope
Up to 3 Ornaments $5.00/envelope $10.00/envelope
Up to 3 Magnet Sets $5.00/envelope $10.00/envelope

Tracking is also available on your order for an additional cost which is calculated at the checkout. If you have any questions about shipping costs please contact Anna.

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